Help the small and defenceless fishes escape from an evil robotic penguin.


Fish Escape was created by two friends, Guillaume Jean-Mairet and Régis Blanc, who decided one day that they wanted to make video games. Although this started as a fun side project, the goal was to make an actual commercial game and to found a game studio to publish it.

The pipe dream was to eventually make games professionally and become independent. But until then, the reality is that the team had to juggle game development with some day jobs. This is part of the reason why the game took more than three years to be completed. Although three years is a fairly long time to make such a game, it also shows the team's relentless dedication to making this game.

Based on, Rat Trap, an early prototype by Régis, Fish Escape is the full realization of the game's original vision, perfecting each of the 99 hand-crafted puzzles, and polishing the cute (with a somewhat dark accent) visual style.

All of the game’s visuals and audio were created with a SNES vibe, which can be sensed in three elements of the game, its retro and rather naive aesthetic, the font used, which was a bespoke project created for the game, and the music, which was also created specifically for this game. All of those elements were influenced by SNES cartridges visuals and the overall vibe of that era, as the team thought it was a nice fit with this kind of game, giving it a chill, nostalgic aura that helps the player get focused on resolving the puzzles.

Instead of going with the classic Unity route, the team decided to spice things up and built the game in an in-house game engine. Regis had been working on a custom game engine for the Scala programming language for several years, and making a commercial game was the best way to battle test the engine. Of course, that led to countless challenges along the way, but eventually they were able to overcome them and release Fish Escape to both Android and iOS.


  • Many hours of gameplay to solve the 99 lovingly-handcrafted and unique levels.

  • Unlock new abilities as you progress in the levels, making the puzzles both more complex, and more fun.

  • Trap the penguin using the full range of special items, including a hammer, and a fake fish to lure the penguin away.

  • No IAP, no ads - buy the game, play the game. No additional costs, no hidden fees.


  • Fish Escape - Teaser Trailer



Request Press Copy

The Lite version of the game is freely available and contains about half of the total content.

If you reach the end and would like to test the rest of the content, you can get a press copy of the game by sending us a quick email.

About LimeTales

LimeTales is a Swiss independent game studio founded by Régis Blanc and Guillaume Jean-Mairet. We focus on building small, well-crafted, and unique gaming experiences. We have a penchant for smart and intriguing puzzle games.



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