Fish Escape is a premium mobile game. It is a reflection game containing about a hundred hand-crafted puzzles. In this turn by turn game, you are playing to protect defenseless fishes from a robot penguin.

With each move, you modify the map in an attempt to trap the penguin and save the fishes! Your basic action is to sink icebergs and block the path to a fish. Along your progression in the game, you will be unlocking several more advanced actions, such as blocking tunnels or using a plastic fish as a lure.

The game features a total of 99 levels, which are all handcrafted to ensure consistent progression with the game mechanics. The game starts simple with only a single action and small maps, but then slowly evolve into many possible strategies and larger maps.

Fish Escape is aimed at patient and intelligent players. The absence of randomness means that players won’t solve a level by just trying again and again the same pattern but instead by carefully planning for every possible moves of the penguin and always staying one step ahead.